Should I pluck your dogs ears?

Over the years plucking the hair from some long haired breeds ears has been a very controversial subject between some vets and dog groomers.  The argument being it may do more harm than good.  Therefore, based on current information available I felt it necessary to advise customers whether I pluck or not.  Many traditional vets recommend to pluck and clean a dogs ears on a regular basis, however, a vet who specialises in dermatological conditions Dr Paul B Bloom disagrees.  He states that the action of plucking can actually cause trauma to the ear, but cleaning is important to help avoid any irritations.  A moist, dark place is an ideal haven for bacteria to set in and moisture can come from the trauma of plucking, therefore the following pointers are an important guide for routine cleaning that I like to follow,

try to keep the ears as dry as possible during and after the grooming session,

clipping short the hairs around the ear canal,

removing only the hairs that come out easily,

wiping clean with a specialised ear cleaner following the manufacturers instructions.

I will discuss with each customer (if their dogs fall into this category) whether they want their dogs ears plucked.  Each dog is very different as some find the experience extremely painful, stressful and will scream and bite.  Whereby, others find it no problem at all.  Therefore, I think it is very important that I am guided by each customers specific wishes and the current professional information available.

Happy ear cleaning!

Love from Sharon x




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