What brush should I use?


As this is a very popular question, I thought I would give my personal preference to which type of brush would be best used for your pet.

The main brush types are :

Slicker brush

Bristle brush

Wire-pin brush

Each brush has its own benefits and descriptions of use, however, for your pet to remove knots, tangles and dead hair my preferred and personal recommendation would be by far the slicker brush.  It has fine, short wires, fixed close together on a flat surface and comes in a variety of sizes.  Due to the scratching sensation that is felt and to avoid skin irritation (commonly known as brush burn) it is wise, not to overwork or be heavy handed.  A test on your forearm applying different levels of pressure can then give a feeling of the most desirable pressure to use.  These brushes are available to purchase at most pet shops and online.

I do have a supply should you wish to buy from me and this is my slicker that is available now!!

Happy brushing and I hope to see you very soon, Sharon

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