” I can’t get my dog dry”

1. Do you struggle to get your dog dry?

2. Do you use endless towels which results in an increase in your laundry?

3. Do you sit with your hairdryer for which seems like forever with maybe a fidgety pet?

I have a solution for you, the “aquasorb towel”, a super absorbent , lint free, chamois towel for quickly and effectively removing water.

This fabulous towel I use with every grooming session and reduces drying time considerably.  Due to its effectiveness I have decided to offer all my customers the opportunity to buy for a fabulous price of £5.00.  I do not sell many products, but know this would be beneficial to anybody, that has a wet dog needing drying and doesn’t want anymore dirty, wet, towels lying around.

Please ask and see!

Sharon ✂️

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