Dog grooming: No other dogs except your own!

If your dog gets anxious around other dogs in the grooming environment then I provide a unique one to one grooming, whereby there is only your dog/s with me throughout the whole session.  Some dogs are simply shy or haven’t spent much time around other dogs, therefore, to relieve the stress, one to one can be favourable to you as a worried, pet owner and your dog itself.  Water is always provided. A bed, toys are also reachable should they fancy a snooze or even a play afterwards while waiting for collection.

If this service meets your requirements please call to arrange an appointment today

” I can’t get my dog dry”

1. Do you struggle to get your dog dry?

2. Do you use endless towels which results in an increase in your laundry?

3. Do you sit with your hairdryer for which seems like forever with maybe a fidgety pet?

I have a solution for you, the “aquasorb towel”, a super absorbent , lint free, chamois towel for quickly and effectively removing water.

This fabulous towel I use with every grooming session and reduces drying time considerably.  Due to its effectiveness I have decided to offer all my customers the opportunity to buy for a fabulous price of £5.00.  I do not sell many products, but know this would be beneficial to anybody, that has a wet dog needing drying and doesn’t want anymore dirty, wet, towels lying around.

Please ask and see!

Sharon ✂️

Ear plucking announcement

Hi all,

Further to my blog 2 February 2014  I would like to advise all and new customers that I will be withdrawing the service of ear plucking with immediate effect.


The Pet Industry Federation (PIF) have issued advice to dog groomers to only clean the external meatus of the ear and not to enter the ear canal for plucking or any other purpose, as there might be an underlying problem that requires a vets attention.

I feel this is an absolute “must do” decision and I’m happy that I addressed this specific area in 2014.

I trust my decision to withdraw this service will be met with all my customers approval as I only have your pets well being at heart.




What brush should I use?


As this is a very popular question, I thought I would give my personal preference to which type of brush would be best used for your pet.

The main brush types are :

Slicker brush

Bristle brush

Wire-pin brush

Each brush has its own benefits and descriptions of use, however, for your pet to remove knots, tangles and dead hair my preferred and personal recommendation would be by far the slicker brush.  It has fine, short wires, fixed close together on a flat surface and comes in a variety of sizes.  Due to the scratching sensation that is felt and to avoid skin irritation (commonly known as brush burn) it is wise, not to overwork or be heavy handed.  A test on your forearm applying different levels of pressure can then give a feeling of the most desirable pressure to use.  These brushes are available to purchase at most pet shops and online.

I do have a supply should you wish to buy from me and this is my slicker that is available now!!

Happy brushing and I hope to see you very soon, Sharon

Should I pluck your dogs ears?

Over the years plucking the hair from some long haired breeds ears has been a very controversial subject between some vets and dog groomers.  The argument being it may do more harm than good.  Therefore, based on current information available I felt it necessary to advise customers whether I pluck or not.  Many traditional vets recommend to pluck and clean a dogs ears on a regular basis, however, a vet who specialises in dermatological conditions Dr Paul B Bloom disagrees.  He states that the action of plucking can actually cause trauma to the ear, but cleaning is important to help avoid any irritations.  A moist, dark place is an ideal haven for bacteria to set in and moisture can come from the trauma of plucking, therefore the following pointers are an important guide for routine cleaning that I like to follow,

try to keep the ears as dry as possible during and after the grooming session,

clipping short the hairs around the ear canal,

removing only the hairs that come out easily,

wiping clean with a specialised ear cleaner following the manufacturers instructions.

I will discuss with each customer (if their dogs fall into this category) whether they want their dogs ears plucked.  Each dog is very different as some find the experience extremely painful, stressful and will scream and bite.  Whereby, others find it no problem at all.  Therefore, I think it is very important that I am guided by each customers specific wishes and the current professional information available.

Happy ear cleaning!

Love from Sharon x




City & Guilds Qualified Dog Groomer

The City and Guilds Certificate in dog Grooming is an Internationally recognised qualification, that gives everybody reassurance that the holder has reached and demonstrated a standard of professional competence measured across the industry. Throughout the course experience and education is received involving grooming and styling techniques, health and safety, working with people and animals. Therefore, this Certificate is proof that the right qualification has been achieved to do the job well and is highly recognised and respected within the industry.

Special Offer

Hello all doggy lovers!

As I love this product so much I would like to introduce this South Bark Blueberry facial to all my new customers, so for a limited time only, I’m offering a FREE facial with the first full groom! Your lovely little pet will love this treat and will leave his/her face deep cleansed and bright!

This is Monty the Springer Spaniel enjoying his facial and massage….He did try to take a snooze afterwards!!! He loved it!!!

See you all soon, Sharon x

Christmas bookings

Hi there,

Just a little reminder to all my customers, the appointments diary is filling up for Christmas, so if you are wanting your little doggy to have his/her Christmas groom in time, then let me know asap to avoid disappointment.
This little Christmas doggy model is Archie my Cocker Spaniel!!


Sharon x

South Bark Blueberry Facial Treatment

Hi everybody,

I’m excited to announce the Blueberry Facial treatment coming soon to Elm Tree Dog Grooming, developed by South Bark Dog Wash in California, USA.

An all natural, hypo-allergenic, tearless product. The aromatherapeutic facial will include a relaxing face and head massage which will clean and brighten your pets face. Include this in your full or mini groom or treat your pet to a special treatment.

Your dog will love this special attention to their face while having the Blueberry Facial gently massaged into their fur and skin.

A must for those dogs prone to stained, mucky faces.

See you all soon!


Sharon x